greg moore
Q4: Rashard Mendenhall Steve Smith or Greg Jennings or NYG? 2 of 3?

I have to choose one of three for my flex spot. I am a bit wary of starting 3 WRs instead of 3 RBS, what do you guys think? Steve Smith was the Wes Welker of the Giants, he will be guaranteed receptions, but I'm afraid abandon the passing game together in the second half. Mendenhall, hopefully will be back starting on Moore, but I am sure they share carries. If Mendenhall is not impressive, they can go with Moore the proofs together. Help! QB: Tom Brady RB: RB Pierre Thomas RB Glen Coffee / WR: Steve Smith and WR Mendenhall: Vincent Jackson WR: Greg Jennings TE: Kellen Winslow D / ST: Colts DEF K: John Carney Tashard Choice —- Bench Lendal White Frank Gore (should I surrender Cadillac Williams in his place?) Steelers DEF Bernard Berrian Donald Sims Tim Hightower Mike Brown-Walker

QB Brady RB-RB-RB Pierre Thomas, Tim Hightower / WR-WR-Greg Mendenhall Jackson Jennings WR Vincent TE Winslow D / ST-Steelers K Carney-yes renounce white cadillac

Greg Moore’s Fatal Crash *Live*

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Gaowee Women’s Just Like Fire P!nk T-shirt

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Greg Moore for President New York Hockey Player Sports T Shirt

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irl drivers
Do you think that Sebastien Bourdais, will come to IRL?

It keeps Toro Rosso in F1, he was critical of the Champ Car and IRL will together. Got to admit he is a driver of good road course. I think he will be back in IRL. I never cared much for him, but we need more drivers and teams in the IRL.

I agree, I hope he goes IRL. Bourdais was clearly the best Champ Car driver from '04-'07 and had no competition. If he goes to Indy this could be very interesting. He could fight with the big boys up entry for the championship.

Roger Penske and IRL driver Helio Castroneves receive Borg Warner Awards

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indy car racing 2009
If you could go to a race in 2009, what would it be? (F1, NASCAR, WoO, Indy Car Series, Rolex Series, etc.)?

What series you are most eager to see run in 2009?! Personally, I see a WoO event again … The only thing that could exceed what is happening back to the Chili Bowl Midget Nationals or really any event USAC. It is one of the best racing on 4 wheels … Just a note: Pray for the family Dodson and the whole crew USAC allowing Cameron Dodson. He was seriously injured in a car accident and really nothing has been said the seriousness of his condition other than it was critical. Cameron is an awesome talent.

Of those I would say WoO. I've never been, but it is so cool on TV. 2. I was drawn to NASCAR a good time. 3. Rolex. I love road racing so it would be cool. I do not think you can see in person as well. 4. I've been to Ireland and it was OK. 5. I went to the F1 and two hours just follow the leader. If you are eligible is more or less where you completed. Waste of money.

Long Beach Grand Prix 2009 Drifting + Indy + Stock Car Racing 04.17.09

race racing

Known as the steeplechase before anyone else, The Grand National is the race's most valuable National Hunt horse around. National Hunt racing is a specialty of the United Kingdom, and no event draws in spectators and bettors like the Great.

Unlike regular horse racing, where a fan or better is interested in things like the speed of horse power, and jockey statistics, National Hunt racing is a game quite different. Instead of a circular track as the horses sprint around, there are 30 obstacles in the way of the horse to be deleted.

Obstacles in horse racing racing gave European enormous advantage over the American race. Throughout the race with many obstacles and fences, endurance and skill of the horse the rider will have to be the ultimate challenge.

Due to the mounting number of injuries – most of which are severe, including a number of death – The Grand National has become the UK's most controversial event. The controversy comes from a country that has used horses in jousting events; needless to say, the accident rate is high enough to cause concern.

Another aspect of the Grand National attracts viewers are on the side of the laity. You do not need to know the first thing about racing in the sport. With typical race, the terms and the figures confuse a lot watching the races as the Kentucky Derby – but the Grand National, you just have to be a fan of the day. Since the new millennium, the race was watched by more than 600 million viewers annually. Since early 1800, the race was a legend.

The exact origins of the Grand National Assembly are questionable. Some say the first race took place in 1836 with the Duke win this year and again in 1837. However, these documents are considered by others, alleging that the races were held at another location, as opposed Maghull at Aintree, the home of the race. Other historians disagree with this, arguing that recent data suggest that all races have been made at Aintree. These theories have canceled each other, and so far, history has accepted is the first Grand National at Aintree takes place in 1839, with a horse named Lottery crowned the winner.

Aintree was closed slightly during WW I, and a stroke of replacement was done at Gatwick Racecourse. All winners of these three years have had their names removed from the record books because of the fact that only Aintree course is recognized as True, the Grand National.

The race was dominated in 1950 by Vincent O'Brien, who formed a winning horse for three years consecutive, but with different horses. The most famous horse ever to run at Aintree was Red Rum, who won the race three times, 1973 75, 77, and finished second twice, 75 and 76. With the explosion of cable television, the race took a heavy following. Since the 1980s, the number of viewers watching the Grand National has increased each year.

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Street Race – 2 Skylines Racing (FAST AS HELL).

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Real FX Racing:  Slotless Racetrack System including two RC Cars and Handsets with Artificial Intelligence

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OUR VIEW: Real FX is unlike any other race system we have ever seen or experienced, using AI to create the best of video game, slot car & R/C. MANUFACTURERS COPY: No lanes, no slots. Real FX patented system creates the most realistic racing experience outside of a real car on a real track. But, unlike any other system Real FX also works off track as R/C. …

indy car racing schools
Career choice question: neurosurgeon or Race Car Driver?

I'm 16 and I was giving lots of thought to my career. I wanted to be a neurosurgeon since I was four and I still think it would be a career AWESOME. However, I always been interested in cars and driving fast, so I'm looking to become a race car driver. No NASCAR or Indy, just in Formula 1, Sports Car Series Rolex, and other races in the GT series. How do you get the race car? What school do you go to get proper training? What is the process did you take to become a race car driver? What would you choose; motorist neurosurgeon or race? Thank you in advance! -GB

Think with your brain: Brain surgery is the best choice. You can buy sports cars or even race at an amateur level. Remember Michael Jordan is in pro baseball for a season or not? Well, there is a great athlete but not a player in professional baseball. A classmate, Davis Love III, expressed opinion to his friend with his money, he should consider trying to win a National Amateur Golf Championship because he had the talent and time to do so. In the opinion of one winner of the U.S. Open, Davis Love.

2008 Indy Car Championship Chicagoland Photo Finish!!!!